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We've travelled the world, seeking out the best artists. Not just the ones whose bright, bold paintings would enhance your home, but those whose dedication to their craft is a spiritual pursuit, a way of life that brings alive beauty in everything they touch. Choose Beauty, Choose ZOSHOUSE | GALLERY.

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Mary O'Connor

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Sean Woodward

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#seanwoodwardart created ZOSHOUSE | GALLERY to showcase artists and friends he's met on the journey. There are many talented artists, writers and musicians who even in today's #ageoftheinternet don't have the access, time or skillset to share their work. We've been online since 1994, publishing and promoting, seeing one platform rise and another fall. Amongst all of this, the passion, beauty and commitment of artists has never changed. Come with us and share the journey.


Call it Cyberspace, call it the Net, call it what you will. Let's not worry about location. We live in a connected world and ship everywhere with your guarantee of PayPal Buyer Protection.

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